Amazing Demo - MegaScroller

Amazing Demo was the first "mega-demo" on cpc, in the way it was collecting different parts, compacted in a one single disk, and each part was calling the next one. This part combined a multitude of scroll with various speeds.....

Amazing Drmo - MegaScroller

After the Split of several characters of height, we crossed in the Split characters by characters, until reach the Split line to line...

Amazing Demo - ST Music

In this part, the main interest was a music with sample resulting from the atari St. A that time I thought of having no time hatch to make others things... it was an error, naturally...

Amazing Demo - MegaRaster

This part used a technique i called "rupture" (french) " break line in line " which is is in fact "offset splitting". The component suffered more and more. The loader has suffered too, because I dissected the controller of floppy disk. The immediate consequence was the following one: the demo was incompatible with certain Cpc, what had for object to slow down its distribution.

Amazing Demo - Mega 17

A part made by Naminu, who had the sense of the stage setting and the progressive effects... Simple, but effective Part... The word "crackers" malibu annoyed me a little and evolved towards " coders " at the end of this group.

Amazing Demo - Cool Demo

In aesthetic terms, Naminu was capable of the worst, as shows of it this multicoloured screenshot after all, he was mainly a programmer! It is necessary to note below the appearance of "equalizers", with which he stuffed its demos.

Amazing Demo - Phenomena

Pierre was a member from " Malibus crackers ", and had certain talent! That is why he was one of first to whom I suggested joining me, what he accepted rather fast, much to my delight.

Music: Monty on the Run 2

Amazing Demo - End Demo

Amazing demo had the 1st integrated system of copy which allowed the user to create a copy of the demo... This demo already prefigured The Demo... This demo being in linear load, it thus possessed an ending part


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