LOGON SYSTEM - 1988-1993

Logon System was a demomakers group which was known on a microcomputer called CPC.

Be careful, not PC... CPC!

Amstrad Expo Pict Digit Longshot Rubi Slash Fred Crazy

You can move the mouse on the different photographs to put a pseudo in front of a face...

The composition of the team had not much varied. Here are the main persons who participated in adventure

Brad aka Mohamed Chanaoui

Digit aka Régis Marty

Eros aka Christophe Penvern

Fred Crazy aka Frédéric Floch

Longshot aka Serge Querné

Naminu aka Pierre Leprun

Overflow aka Olivier Gout

Pict aka Emmanuel Chabani

Rubi aka Stéphane Rubinstein

Slash aka Jean-Pierre Abidal

Amstrad Expo 1989

Amstrad Expo Hightower Pict Fred Crazy Longshot Rubi Zebigboss Mister Plus Slash Christèle notre groupie Naminu Digit Overflow

EuroMeeting I - Osnabruck - 1991

Tmp BMC Robby Fabien Fred Crazy Poum Pict Longshot Digit Rubi Naminu

Four in a photoscrew!

C'te crise!

Fred Crazy Longshot Naminu Pict

Euromeeting II - Reims 1992

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Fred Crazy

Crazy is the appropriate term for this music enthusiast, who has come to realize that it was more at ease playing an instrument that by doing demos ...

One picture "j'me la joue" (no translation)



Fred Crazy

Would I see one day the small animated elephant ?

Fred worked with the walkman on ears by listening to hard-rock...

Quality guarantee ?


Fred Crazy


The youngest member... more thrilled you die!


Ideas bumped into each other so quickly in the head that you sometimes finds it difficult à formulate his sentences correctly...

The only one who had the right to keep his shoes in my appartment to avoid triggering off orsec plan.

An innate talent in computer science, but an aptitude to generate different disasters nothing by being there!




Mister JiPi

Enthusiast by games videos in any types, unbeatable on consoles...

One very of feedback when motivated, and which generated, with Eros, rather well of demoes one-man-show.

Fast turns to the writing of articles on games videos...

A way drawn beforehand?

Slash est fier!

Here in virile friendship with a Swiss demomaker...

Slash et Tmp


Rather gifted graphic designer and in style very manga!


Besides the T-shirt below is its work

Eros joue sur Amiga...Pfff


The careful of the detail which kills!


Naminu, Rubi, Digit

Rubi, Naminu Naminu Rubi Digit

Souriez!! New Sky Niki Naminu Rubi

Fred, Slash, Pict

Groupe Hard Rock Fred Crazy Slash Pict

Marabu Meeting - 1993

In a "castle" in Germany...

Photo de groupe

Where we'd came 4 in a Ford Escort...

En ford escort... Digit Longshot Eros

The Sleigh in the living room

Forward for adventure!

Longshot Eros Digit Fred

Fouette cocher!! Longshot Eros Digit Fred Crazy Mama Lore

On va rentrer dans le mur!!!

Fred, Digit

Petite pause... Hiroyuki Fred Digit