The group began writing articles in the magazine Amstrad 100 % from November, 1990 till October, 1993, by covering numbers 31 - 49, which was unfortunately the last of series, a little before the decline of family microcomputing. Rubric carried the name of the group, and an additional rubric came to enrich the magazine from the number 38. This last rubric short-circuited the lawful copyright of Amstrad to give a more powerful BASIC to the users of the Cpc +.

The magazine, read by 50.000 persons, was a powerful plebiscite for our demoes...

Amstrad 100% 33

Amstrad 100% 35

As some freelances, we were caricatured... Here Fred Crazy seems irritated by the cat-mascot mad of hard-rock... And however, we have never asked that a tomcat is our mascot...

"The Demo" is ended!

Notice it all around you.

The monster below is representing me (nice), since the "rupture d'écran" (" break of screen ") is the name which I had given to a technology considered violent to split the screen offset... The cat fell of his chair there!

Amstrad 100% 36

RAAAH!!! I love to break screen...

Amstrad 100% N°38

The number 38 of Amstrad 100 % sign the beginning of a rubric for Cpc+. The group was involved in 2 of the titles of this coverage, by which one of the articles follows....

Mentioned below the example of one of the pages of the rubric of the group. In this case a lesson to teach to people how to take away edges the screen and to put in it datas. The following screen shows the size of these famous edges, which annoyed a generation of demomakers...

Easy overscan

Ici les bords sont orange